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~ Author's message to you


Love always seems to capture hearts, if it's through people, nature, events, you name it. Love is always there. 
It is in a hug from a stranger when you are at your lowest. It is in the sparkle of her eyes when she made something she was most proud of. It was in his smile when his baby girl came into the world. It was in the comfort of their tears while they were grieving the loss of their loved ones.

Love is everywhere in everything, at anytime, all at once.


this was reality. The sad thing is, that this is a reality for many people. Although this is just a photo and the words surrounding it might not be the thoughts of the people in this photo, they might be the thoughts of a middle-aged man sitting on a rooftop in New York hanging onto the last breath he has before he decides to end his life. Or it might be the thoughts of a girl in junior high never being able to see herself as beautiful because of the lack of self-awareness education in schools. We are consumed with thoughts, our minds are the portal to our lifestyles. Our world consists of change constantly, and it can be extremely challenging to keep up with every trend. 

Street Music Show_edited.jpg

Why am i here if no one cares.

I should just pull the trigger now, I've made too many mistakes.

I'm just a nobody.



How could my wife cheat on me after 20 years of marriage.


Look at all these beautiful women, why can't I be as pretty as them. I hate my body.

I'll never believe in love again, not after what he did. Men are horrible people.


Basically, we all fall short in this everyday life. There is no stability gained in things outside of what higher authorities promise you, because of change you can't focus on just one thing, especially when you're a widowed mom caring for 3 children on her late husband's salary which isn't much considering how expensive everything is these days. Or if you're a newlywed couple needing to sell half of what you own just to start a life together. Studies without parental support can be crazy stressful for a student just starting varsity and juggling 2 jobs too. So why you may ask am I pointing out the negative side of life instead of just being optimistic and painting a picture of how happy Tom the baker on the corner of 10th Avenue is with his always "sold-out" fresh bread loafs? Or how Linda got a promotion and became CEO of her dream company. All these things are great, but are these people really happy even though they got everything they've ever dreamed of having? What if their perfect lives fall away in a blink of an eye... Then their identity falls away with it, leaving them deserted. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WE'RE MADE FOR.

If in all of these words, you find yourself relating to most of it. We encourage you to follow along our journey where you'll experience the root of who you were always meant to be, what you were made for, and THE ONE who made YOU. This journey is filled with weekly blog posts from the Author, different fellow believers' advice, and so much more. The main point of all of this is to get you to realize that you have a purpose even when everything seems dark and dull and you feel like a dusty old book no one has an interest in reading anymore. Scroll up to the menu bar to experience the fullness of this journey, and don't forget to sign up for weekly notifications.

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