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Tuesday 16 July 2024
By Chasing Proverbs
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We constantly openly show God that we are not satisfied with His creation. Comparing your two-toned eye color to the beautiful hazelnut eye color Jessica has. Or how masculine Mike is but you can't seem to pick up any weight. You might have a best friend you love like crazy, you can't picture your life without her. But silently you dream of being her, with her beautiful curly hair, stunning personality, and infectious smile. She seems so perfect, right? We're so focused on living the lives of other people that we miss the beauty of our own. No one's perfect, if we were then Jesus died for nothing. But we are each uniquely created. Things that people may admire about you from a distance, you won't even recognize about yourself... Do you remember your first steps? I can assure you God remembers every step you take. Can you recall how your heart jumps with joy when you get to eat your favorite food? You might not always express that feeling but God sees it through and through. 

We all live different lives, at different times, in different places. We are all made into this world, but who we are is not from this world. It's from the voice behind the wind. It's from The Maker behind the stars. Who we are comes from The Creator of Heaven and Earth. We Focus on His perfection, because the way we see perfection, will fail us every time. STOP trying to be that person you admire, because there will come a stage where admiration becomes idolized. Leave them be and focus on becoming the person you were always meant to be. The only way you can do that is by finding peace with yourself and gaining wisdom and security and confidence in God. Besides, if we really want to admire someone and be like someone, the best person to become like is Jesus Christ, the man who walked this earth PERFECTLY.

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